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We’re excited you found our work interesting enough to stop by. For starters, we are Sean and Natalie a fun-loving, easy-going husband and wife team. We are truly two sides of a coin, and our photography styles are just that. Sean has a passion for portraits, glamour, and vogue type photography, while I have a niche for candid and detail shots. Our unique styles naturally compliment each other, and allow us to partner creatively to make beautiful memories for others from behind the lens.

We’re truly passionate about photography, and aim to capture the essence of moments in time. We are very much people persons and love connecting with new people! We love to meet up at food trucks, the hottest brunch spots, or those fancy latte serving coffee shops with our clients before their weddings or portraits sessions to truly connect whenever possible (#foodies). If not, a simple phone call will work too!

These interactions help develop an exciting, moderately adventurous, no pressure, environment for our shoots. That sort of authenticity allows us to capture life the way it was meant; simple and true!

Can't wait to connect with you!

Sean & Natalie


More About US



Sean Is:

  • Diehard USC Trojan Fan

  •  A Taco Lover

  • High School Football Offensive Coordinator

  • The Life of the party

  • A Teacher At Heart

  • A Lakers Fan(The Mamba Lives!)  

  • California Native

  • Neat Freak



Natalie is:

  • Passionate About Dance

  • Part-Time Vegan

  • Denver Native  

  • Planner 

  • Social Butterfly

  • Bibliophile

  • Science Geek

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